Customized solutions tailored to your unique DEI journey.

We partner with you to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion extend to every facet of your business.
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DEI and your company

Clients often reach out because they want to move towards a more inclusive workplace but don’t know where to start, or feel stalled and unsure if current efforts are working. It can be overwhelming, and it’s not one size fits all.

D&I Assessments

We assess your organization through a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens to help you understand your areas of challenge and opportunity. We offer both quantitative and qualitative methods of gathering data.

We offer 3 different assessments:

DEI Surveys

We look at both visible and invisible cultural norms throughout your organization. We extend the idea of diversity beyond just race and gender by looking at less obvious factors like cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, religion, ways of thinking, and socioeconomic situations.

DEI Review

Equal access to opportunities and resources are often overlooked or ignored. We understand clients might be hesitant to identify and remove barriers, fearing it could be costly or time-consuming. Rest assured, we make it easy for your organization to ensure everyone is given the unique support they need to reach their full potential.

Interview & Focus Groups

Inclusion is a key driver in employee engagement. We’ll help you ensure every employee feels included, valued, and respected so there is a sense of community and belonging that attracts and retains talent to your organization.
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D&I Strategy Design

We can help you design an action-oriented DEI strategy and framework that includes, mission statement, objectives, goals and measurement.


We offer a variety of webinars, workshops and eLearning services that are available “off the shelf” or customized to your needs.

Topics, include - The Basics of DEI, Unconscious Bias, Allyship, Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Design, Identity & Intersectionality, Privilege & Power.

Diversity & Inclusion Consultation

Whether you need advice for a one-time project or a consultant on retainer, we partner with you to support your diversity and inclusion efforts. It’s like having a DEI expert in your back pocket.

Review and Assessment of Products & Offers

Looking for an objective opinion on your brand and marketing strategy from a DEI lens? We review products, offers, and marketing campaigns to ensure you provide a diverse and inclusive customer experience.
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